Mug Lefard, First in space, 650 ml

951.00 РУБ

mug lefard paris 350 ml купить в Москве. Mug Lefard, Paris, 350 ml. 329 RUR. Поиск похожего товара. Mug Lefard, Gentle rustling, 325 ml. 514 RUR. Поиск похожего товара. Жми! Mug Lefard, 400 ml, violets on white. 1016 RUR. Поиск похожего товара. Жми!..

Starbucks City Mugs are collectible souvenir coffee mugs available from Starbucks coffee stores worldwide. The mugs first appeared on shelves in 1994. Wooden mugs were produced probably from the oldest time, but most of them have not survived intact. The first pottery was shaped by hand and was later facilitated by invention of the potter's wheel (date unknown, between 6,500 and 3000 BCE). It was relatively easy to add a handle to a cup in the process thus producing a mug. For example, a rather advanced, decorated clay mug from 4000–5000 BCE was found in Greece. The coffee always comes first and that’s the moral of this mug. The mug itself is handmade and has a very elegant, black design, suitable for work. Just remember: plans are for the future, but first… it’s time for coffee.

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