Pan Нева metal tableware, DIAMOND, 4 L

999999.00 РУБ

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ProCook Gourmet Steel Frying Pan with Lid Set. 24cm and 28cm Tbe variety of metals used for tableware products meant tbat several different metal industries were involved, eacb witb their own particular tecbnology and manufacturing metbods. Tbe base metals used in tbe manufacture of domestic goods included tbe ferrous metals, iron and steel, tin alloys (including pewter), and copper alloys sucb as tbe brasses and nickel-silver.Tin and silver were used.. For a lustrous, shiny display at your next catered event, try our 18/8 stainless steel mirror finish metal pans. We also carry economical hotel pans to suit any budget. We also carry economical hotel pans to suit any budget. From casserole dishes to roasting trays, our pot and pan range includes the essentials. Shop the latest trends at M&S. Order online, collect free in store. Making a hot breakfast, a quick lunch or a delicious dinner? Chances are you'll need a frying pan. This all-rounder can handle a large variety of recipes for both day-to-day cooking and professional dishes. Retired woman is choosing pan in supermarket of household goods. She is taking it from shelf, lifting, looking and reading tags on side you can find and down..

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