Frying Pan grill RISOLI, Saporelax, 26*26 cm, yellow handle

3440.00 РУБ

Granito Gran Gourmet. Granito is the new line of cookware by Risolì in high thickness (6 mm) cast aluminum with the new non-stick triple-layer coating with addition of hardstone micro-minerals, which ensures high performance, maximum non-stick, greater strength and durability. Cook multiple ingredients in just one pan with the 5-in-1 Divided Frying Pan. What's more, its non-stick coating also enables an easy clean after use, requiring a simple hand wash after use. Evenly distributing heat and creating professional results with every use, the 5-in-1 Divided Frying Pan is the perfect alternative for a healthy diet.

At Temple & Webster, we want to make sure that you have lots of different options when you're shopping for Frying Pans. With so many Frying Pans with features like Brand, Primary Colour and Style it's easy to find Frying Pans that match your space. Risoli Frying Pan Cast Aluminium Induction Grill, 36 x 26 cm: 36 x 26 cm Induction Frying Pan with Silicone Handle Folding RISOLI. Line: Induction; Product Type: Pan. Outer Material: Cast Aluminium coated with titanium to stainless steel base with H.E.A.T. technology Dimensions: 36 x 26 cm Colour: Black. Handles: Folding Silicone Handle. I would LOVE to WIN one of two Risoli Saporelax Grill Pans so I can get those great grill lines and perfectly cooked steak every night!!! I don’t have decent pans at home that is made from super heat conductive aluminium covered in a non-stick coating. I tend to scrub the pans a lot as the steak always stick dreadfully on the pan. NEED TO WIN PLEASE. 3. Non-stick pans are easy to be cleaned with liquid detergents and sponge. Do not use abrasive products such as scouring or steel wool sponges. 4. Do not overheat the item empty; for best results it is recommended to use a low fame. Select the correct size burner and centre the pan over the heat source. Never heat fatty food to the extent that it burns. Frypan 'INDUCTION' line in Die Cast Aluminium high thickness non-stick with ergonomic soft-touch handle. The inox steel base is applied by H.E.A.T. method: this involves abrasion welding, a unique form of production which offers an increased 50% efficiency and reliability compared to the usual procedures. GOOD FOOD BEGINS WITH THE PAN. Cooking systems in aluminum with thick base and Teflon coatings, scratch resistant Teflon Platinum DuPont guaranteed.

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