Mold for baking TalleR, 40*27 cm, non-stick coating, rectangular

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Find great deals on eBay for antique baking mold. Shop with confidence. Many readers have asked how to use that technique to build extra tall cakes (5-7” or taller cakes) or how to use it even when the pan is shallow (2” deep). The Cake Collar Trick The answer is to extend the height of the pan using a cake collar.

Types of Baking Pans There are many different types of bake-ware available for baking a variety of baked goods. Some types are essential in producing the desired end product and some bake-ware can be used for several purposes. Hi SimonaPandera, I have used a pullman pan (the last one, with the lid). My idea was to use it with the lid on to create a humid environment, like inside a Dutch oven, but it isn't really tall enough for that even though it is taller than a regular loaf pan. If you're wondering where to buy baking molds, we have a large selection of baking molds for sale at the lowest prices. Types of Cake Pans Selecting the proper cake pans is essential for achieving the right consistency, flavor, and appearance of your baked goods. A two-piece silicone mold, which ensures even baking, allows you to create the treat in a manner much like making a traditional layer cake. After baking the layers, the two halves are assembled to make one large cupcake that you may decorate in any manner you choose. The entire process takes only a few straightforward steps. If you want to make your own stepping stones for the garden, store-bought molds give you a quick way to get started -- but the style and size options are quite limited.

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