Frying Pan Illa, Cook & Love, 26 cm, Blue

1115.00 РУБ

ILLA's Cook On Rock Everyday frying pan is the ideal utensil for those who want to make cooking “on stone” a daily practice, but with all the quality of the Whitford “stone-effect” coating. Add them, skin side down, to the pan and cook them, shaking and moving them around the pan, until the skin is golden, about 3 to 4 minutes.

Frying pan Item plus Item plus From today on you can cook all kinds of foodstuffs from meat to fish, from vegetables to omelets in a healthy way and with the mouthful flavour of genuineness thanks to the pans of Bio Cook Oil line. Add vibrant colour to your kitchen with Illa Italian Cookware. Manufactured in Northern Italy, Illa Cookware provides the highest excellence in performance. Small, medium and large: these frying pans with Whitford black non-stick coating from the CLASSIC line are suitable for all kitchen uses. Available in as many as 10 different sizes, from 14 to 32 cm in diameter, they are perfect for cooking different amounts of meat, vegetables, fish and many other specialities, even without fat or oil.

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